We have skilled personnel who can repair and or install the following fencing styles:

  • Chainwire /Chainlink Security Fencing;
  • Weldmesh Fencing;
  • Rural Fencing;
  • Timber Fencing;
  • Colorbond Fencing;
  • Gryffin Fencing;
  • Razor Wire;
  • Armco Guard Rail;
  • Many other styles

We provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, vehicles, logistics, training, technical support, and other items and services necessary to manage and perform the fence and gates repair specified.

We provide services in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws and site specific procedures.


WE will conduct a site inspection and compile a report of our recommendations to discuss at a follow-up meeting while still onsite .This will allow us to provide a budget figure and schedule for the next 12 months. The goal of the Perimeter Maintenance Plan will be to identify where fence components are ageing and or deteriorating and address these issues in order to save money in the long run. It will also identify any areas that require immediate attention to ensure site safety and continued productivity and ensure that environmental standards are maintained.


We offer supply and installation of all fencing works required for all projects for Govt,Mining or energy sectors and commercial clients as well as residential. We also have the capability to design new fences and offer advice if or when required.

Site Experience

  • Civil Mining and Construction – Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET);
  • McCoskers Contracting – WICET;
  • Shadforths Civil Contractors;
  • Aurizon – preferred contractor;
  • Orica – preferred contractor;
  • Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited – preferred contractor;
  • Carmichael Builders – WICET;
  • Hutchinson Builders;
  • BMD Constructions – WICET;
  • John Holland – WICET;
  • Vantage Holdings;
  • McNab Constructions – Grosvenor Mine;
  • UDLA;
  • Walker Corporation;
  • Gladstone Area Water Board;
  • Gladstone Regional Council.

Automated Gates:

  • Design, fabricate/construct, install and service industrial quality automated security gate systems and traffic control devices – including
  • High speed cantilever sliding gate systems;
  • Very high security gate systems such as the Truck Stopper, Rising Step/Wedge & other approved Crash Rated products;
  • Turnstile systems (full and half height);
  • Swing gate systems for vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Protective bollards (static and rising versions – crash rated);
  • Boom gates and traffic control systems;
  • Solar powered gate systems.
  • Equipment pedestals and camera posts;

Maintenance is recommended for these gates to ensure they are operating safely, efficiently and within manufacturer’s specification. Indeed, all automated gate systems need on-going adjustments to ensure product life longevity and to reduce unnecessary parts wear due to incorrect adjustments and tolerances. Your routine maintenance schedule either three or six monthly will obviously depend upon gate usage rates and your sites security risk profile.

Security gates are a major capital investment and replacing them is expensive. With competent servicing and maintenance industrial security gates can have a thirty plus year product life with sound on-going maintenance. We can provide service maintenance on all types of security gate systems.

We have the ability to advise and assist with high security portal design requirements, specialising in State and Federal Government sites, Ports, Utilities and other critical infrastructure sites.

We have undertaken numerous gate projects throughout the state which include State Government and many prominent public and private companies. We have specialized in the supply and installation of gate systems for heavy industry, mines, ports, utilities and critical infrastructure throughout Queensland.

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