As part of our vegetation management services , we will maintain the vegetation along the fenceline to provide firebreaks,to ensure it doesn’t damage the fence,and to provide clear lines of site as well as keeping the facility looking at its best.

Vegetation Management:

  • Mow and edge grassed areas;
  • Prune back any shrubs/ground cover over hanging curbs or sidewalks;
  • Remove litter;
  • Remove weeds;
  • Sweep or blow clean all walkways, curbs, and gutters;
  • Replace mulch at an extra cost (unless included in the maintenance program);
  • Replace any plants at an extra cost (unless included in the maintenance program);
  • Fertilizing can also be undertaken at an extra cost (unless included in the maintenance program).

Any vegetation, such as grass, weeds, bushes, trees & shrubs, growing over or very close to the property fence makes it easier to scale, and the weight of the vegetation can damage the fence. We can clear a protective area either side of the fence and spray periodically to keep unwanted vegetation at bay.

The clearing of this area creates a mini fire break on either side of the fence. In the event of a fire the heat can destroy galvanizing and PVC coatings, so the further away from the fence you can keep the fire, the better off your fence will be. It is obviously cheaper to protect the existing fence than to replace it, and the fire break has the added bonus of providing access in order to fight the fires.

For vegetation management services, we will clear the fence line as follows:

  • Whipper snipping to clear material growing on fence to prevent further damage;
  • Chainsaw work to remove dead/ damaged trees around perimeter;
  • Clear an area 1-3m either side of the perimeter with a bobcat or slasher;
  • Slashing;
  • Maintain the area by creating a spraying schedule that will kill/inhibit the vegetation.

Our staff will work with the onsite Environmental team to identify any significant flora or fauna and to ensure that all environmental policies are adhered to.