What Are the Benefits of Installing Automated Gates?

electric automated gate

Business sites, like residential properties, are valuable investments to their respective owners and need to be guarded from any potential threat.

Because of this, owners now recognise the importance of incorporating access solutions into their commercial and industrial establishments.

Nowadays, it is common to see turnstiles, security gates and boom gate installations in all types of properties.

This includes buildings such as shopping centres, banks, hospitals and transit stations.

Owners of major businesses know that protecting their investments is of utmost importance.

Owners should carefully consider the ways in which to safeguard them without making it cumbersome to enter their premises.

Here are some benefits of installing automated gate systems in and around major businesses and commercial sites.

Safety & Security

These are two of the main concerns for most commercial owners.

Many businesses typically have certain areas of their establishment that need to be secured.

For example, a business may install turnstiles at the entrance of a building that can only be accessed with an access card.

Another security measure is a boom gate installation that can only be opened by those who are allowed entry.

Perimeter Maintenance Services can design and install the automated gate system that will secure your premises according to your requirements.

Controlled Access

Besides deterring and limiting trespassers, automated gates help to control the accessibility to certain areas of the business site.

For example, installing automatic gates or security doors around an employee carpark or employee-designated area, ensures no else can enter these areas.

This can not only keep vehicles safe, but it will also save you many disputes regarding parking spaces.


Most of these gate systems are automated and can work without human intervention.

Therefore the business does not need to hire full-time employees to stand at the gates and control the operation.

This saves the company time and money.

Depending on the security measures implemented, authorised personnel can simply swipe or scan their access cards to enter the premises.


Technology is generally synonymous with convenience.

Automatic boom gate installations deliver a level of efficiency and dependability you will not get from manual systems.

Those who enter and exit your property never have to leave their vehicle, ensuring they stay warm or dry in inclement weather conditions.

Installing Automatic Gates

If you are in the Townsville or Gladstone areas, Perimeter Maintenance Services can help you select and install the perfect automatic gates for your property.

Contact our friendly team at 1300 977 761 or fill in the form on  our website.

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