What Are the Different Types of Fencing Solutions?

brown wooden fencing

When selecting a fencing solution for your home, beauty and security are the two primary factors homeowners are concerned about.

Besides providing security and enhancing your property, fencing serves other useful purposes such as keeping animals out, blocking out wind or simply obscuring unpleasant views.

When hiring a company that offers professional fencing in Townsville, think about what you need the fence for.

Knowing its purpose will help you make the right decision when it is time to make a decision.

Home and business owners purchase fencing for one or more of the purposes mentioned above.

It is important that you clearly communicate your needs with your fencing vendor before the installation to ensure that you are getting exactly what you require.


Homeowners may be living on a heavily trafficked, busy street and may wish to limit passers-by from looking into their home.

Erecting a tall fence with no spacing can help reduce visibility of your property and give the privacy you desire.


Business owners may need to keep their investments secure by keeping unwanted people out.

Companies that provide fencing in Townsville may even add spikes or pickets to your fence to prevent people from climbing over when you are not around.


Risky or dangerous areas such as a swimming pool or a livestock pen are required by law to be fenced in.

Perimeter Maintenance Services recommends installing chainwire fencing for this particular purpose.


Some types of fencing can add demarcation and a decorative appeal to your property, thus increasing the value of your home.

Have a look at the different options that can work with the style of your business.

Different Types of Fencing

Chainwire or Chainlink

These fences are made from galvanised metal which is meshed together to give a strong long lasting material.

Chainwire fences are used in domestic, industrial and commercial applications such as schools, parks, recreational grounds, factories and large business premises, and rural properties, to name a few.


Timber remains one of the most popular styles for fencing backyards in homes and in rural setups in Australia.

High quality timber is classic, long-lasting and is a cost-effective solution for many home builders.


Aluminium fencing works perfectly in many applications.

This material is widely used for pool fencing in Townsville because of its strong and reliable properties. Aluminium also requires very little maintenance.

If you need further assistance in choosing a fence type that is right for you, get in touch with Perimeter Maintenance Services today. Call us at 1300 977 761.

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