What Does Vegetation Management Entail?

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Green spaces can bring life to any area and make it more visually appealing.

However, vegetation can quickly get out of control and make you property look unkempt.

More importantly, it can present various risks. For example, it can damage the fence and make it easier for intruders to enter.

Vegetation management services can keep your property looking its best to minimise any risks.

What Do These Services Entail?

Perimeter Management Services offers comprehensive services to keep the vegetation around your property under control.

We will mow and edge the grass, remove weeds and prune back shrubs. Our team will also remove litter and clean the walkways, curbs and gutters.

You can also add extra services, such as the replacement of mulch and plants as well as fertilisation of the grounds.

This might seem as if it only serves a cosmetic purpose but in fact, it does more than that.

Overgrown grass, weeds, bushed and shrubs growing near the property fence can make it easier to climb over it.

The added weight of the vegetation can damage the fence and weaken the structure.

As part of our vegetation management services, we will keep both sides of the fence clear of any unwanted vegetation and spray the ground with specialised products to deter its growth.

Clearing the area will create a fire break on both sides of the fence.

Your fence can be greatly damaged by fire, so it is important to create a distance between the vegetation and the fence.  

Thanks to the added space, there will also be more access to fight the fire.

We will remove any plants growing on the fence and remove dead or damaged trees around the perimeter.

We aim to clear an area of 1-3m in both sides. It is important to maintain the area and to do so, we will apply a spray that will inhibit the growth of vegetation.

We understand our responsibilities towards the planet, which is why we will collaborate with the onsite environmental team to ensure that our work is carried out in accordance to all the relevant policies.

Get in Touch

Perimeter Maintenance Services is a family-owned business that combines more than 70 years of experience.

We have offices in Gladstone and Townsville and we can offer vegetation management services as well as fencing solutions.

Email us at manager@perimetermaintenanceservices.com or call 1300 977 761 to learn about what we can do for your business or property.

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