Why Is Fencing Maintenance Important?

Timber Fencing

There are many reasons why people install fencing.

Homeowners may want privacy and security, they may want to keep pets from escaping or wild animals from entering, or simply want to add value to their property with elegant fencing Townsville.

No doubt a good fence will add a point of difference to your premises, but consider hiring a Townsville and Gladstone fencing maintenance company to help you care for your investment.

Why Fences Need Repairing?

Timber fencing adds a natural and classic elegance to your property and is quite popular, particularly in rural areas.

Perimeter Maintenance Services offers you many styles of timber fence to suit your needs and budget.

Our professional builders can paint and treat your wooden fencing in any colour to suit your décor, or we can use a varnish to enhance the natural wood finish.

Paint does more than making your fence look good, it also makes it more durable and protects it against the elements.

Wooden fencing is very versatile but there are some downsides if you neglect it.

With proper upkeep and maintenance, an untreated lumber fence can last up to 12 years.

A fence made of pressure-treated lumber can last as long as 30 years or more.

For a fence that stands the test of time and provides years of value, it is recommended that our experts in Gladstone fencing maintenance assist you in preserving and caring for your fence.

Timber fencing is susceptible to its share of problems and might need repairing at some stage in its life.

Elements such as heavy rainfall, snow, harsh winds and salty air, can wreak havoc on your wooden fencing overtime.

If any panels are broken, you will need to repair them as soon as possible.

Even living in Queensland’s sunny climate has its effect as constant exposure to UV rays can cause wood to bleach and weather.

Degradation eventually leads to a secondary problem: infestation.

Insects and pests are attracted to decaying wood, and at this stage, you will have no choice but to replace the rotten timber posts.

Our team is ready to provide Gladstone fencing maintenance and repairs.

A professional fence builder will quickly recognise if your fence is suffering from wet or dry rot.

The damaged areas will be cut, patched or replaced, and treated to prevent the rot from spreading.

Nails and screws that are rusty or sticking out, will be replaced to prevent them from causing injury.

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